About Us

We are specialized  in swimming products for athletes while also providing quality Sports Wear and accessories to the larger team community.

Our lovely team has experience to provide best designs and products to your team.

Our unique designs are the result of many year of experience in the swimming world, we are very confident that you will enjoy wearing our durable and colorful swimsuits, and the most technical swimming stuff.

We are equipping a lot of swimming teams with their own personalized clubs and teams swimwear, caps, and street clothes.

Our superb range of swim & team wear ensures we exceed the needs of all athletes & disciplines. It is the range and diversity that sets us apart from others.

We support some swimming clubs, and swimmers all around the world, from Swimming to Life Saving, through open water and triathlon.

Quality, fashion, style and durable swimwear made with heart is our commitment.

Swim your dreams, Love your Swim, LovexSwim!